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INVT Power Dutch Solar Grid

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INVT Power Dutch Solar Grid

Release time:2020-04-03
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With 15 years of inverter technology accumulation, INVT has become top ten China’s solar inverter brand, leading in the PV field. INVT solar has always been committed to accomplish our mission – Power by solar, Cool the earth. Under the Belt and Road and Rural Poverty Alleviation Project in China, INVT solar grows rapidly in domestic as well as worldwide and promotes brand recognition of Chinese companies.

According to new numbers released byGood!/Solar Solutions, the Dutch solar market grew by 60% in 2017. Over the past several years, solar energy has grown significantly in popularity and the solar market will continuously grow at a steady pace as expected in Netherland. So far, solar energy power covers approximately 2.2% of the country’s power demand.

In recent years, INVT expands its business globally faster, power Dutch solar grid by making good of its reliable products and solutions.

180KW Commercial Solar Power System in the Netherlands

On 8th, May 2018, INVT solar supplied our end customers with the capacity 180kW solar power system, adopting 6 sets BG 30kW in Breda, Netherlands.

60KW commercial solar power system in the Netherlands

In the year of 2017, INVT solar powered our end-user with 60KW commercial solar power system by adopting 2 set of BG 30KW.

By the utilization of INVT solar power, generate electricity can lower cost in comparison with purchasing from a utility. Meanwhile, INVT solar system harnesses sun’s energy, protecting our environment.

In the past decade, INVT not only supplied large-scale project, also power small private consumers, like households, medium and small businesses. INVT powered homes as well as business, helping to cool the earth and fulfilling our mission.


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